Education Pack

A pack filled with activities for all learning environments can be downloaded here!

If you are a school, teacher or educator looking to bring Wilf Goes Wild into the classroom, this pack contains a variety of curriculum linked activities, covering a broad range of subjects. The pack is aimed at KS1, with potential adaptations for KS2.

To support home learning, the creatives behind Wilf Goes Wild have released a series of interactive activities, guidance and lesson plans to accompany the pilot episode, providing an enhanced learning experience to accompany the highly acclaimed, unapologetically musical pilot. 

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or ideas for ways we can bring Wilf and Willow into the classroom!

Feedback & Contact us

As part of our future development, we are keen to hear from our audiences to help shape the future! To share your thoughts...


Contact us @WilfGoesWild with your thoughts and love for Wilf! Please also share your children's activity responses with the hashtag #WilfGoesWild


If you are an educator or parent, please fill in our short survey. We greatly appreciate any feedback and thoughts & will keep you posted on future involvements with Wilf Goes Wild.


Feel free to email us at any feedback you may have!

WILF GOES WILD is an animated, educational musical following the adventures of explorer Wilf & his sister Willow. Through imagined expeditions, they learn about different parts of our world meeting a colourful cast of characters along the way. Wilf Goes Wild is unapologetically musical, promising to be entertaining, educational and epic!

We want our audience to have an engaging & high energy experience when exploring with Wilf. An exciting score immerses fellow explorers into the various locations we will visit, with catchy lyrics that are repeatable & educational. We are keen to use the Goes Wild platform to tell eco focused stories and extraordinary geographical adventures and provide a musical & technicolor introduction to our beautiful planet for children aged 4-7.

Wilf’s adventure began during on hope: a digital song cycle. Josh and Sarah presented a five minute song introducing us to the young wannabe explorer, who’s imagination takes him on epic adventures. Following a popular response, Matt approached Josh and Sarah about developing the character further, seeing potential in the catchy sound & exciting visual style of the short song. 

In October 2020, director Matt Powell received Arts Council Project Grant Funding to develop an online, interactive and accessible pilot episode with Sarah and Josh, to be released in December by MPTheatricals. Our goal for the pilot is to create an online, interactive and accessible pilot episode which will allow us to experiment with a TV episode form & structure. Our hope is to develop a multi-episode musical series to inspire children to learn about the natural world, through Wilf’s imagined adventures.

If you are a producer or television/animation company interested in supporting the future of Wilf Goes Wild, please contact

us at