Behind the Scenes!

Learn about the different people who make Wilf and Willow's Adventures come to life!


Meet Josh! He makes the music for Wilf Goes Wild. 

S What is your role in the creation of Wilf Goes Wild?

J My role is the music. But all of the creatives on this team have branched out into lots of different exciting roles - for me, recording lots of peoples’ voices, sound designing, making all the sounds as opposed to just writing the songs. And recording all of the penguins.

S How many penguins are there?

J Too many to count. Nobody knows.

S What’s been your favourite part of the Wilf Goes Wild journey so far?

J I think there have been two bits. One bit was when we finished the song - the first song

S Explorers’ SongJ Explorers’ Song. And I saw the video for the first time that Sarah made because I was not expecting it to be as fantastical as it was That was a really exciting moment.

And another wonderful moment was working with the actors and Matt and redirecting them in the most fantastic and bizarre ways to get these performances out of them. 

S What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a composer?

J Don’t be intimidated by different ways of working, if you can’t read music don’t worry, if you can read music that’s great. There are so many different worlds of music to explore and examine and enjoy, that there’s plenty of room for everyone. 

S What did you learn about Antarctica when writing this episode?

J That Antarctica is land with ice on top.

S So true. What is Wilf’s favourite food and why?

J WIlf loves baked beans because they make him fart.

S Farts are power. I’ve heard that you wrote the most complicated stage direction in the piece, including ‘penguins swinging from icicles’ and other impossible-to-draw ideas. Why did you do this?

J (laughing) Because a stage direction should be borderline impossible to create, imagine and manifest in the real world and that was successful.

S Thanks Josh!


Meet Sarah! She writes the words for Wilf Goes Wild. 

Giant African Land Snail’ which I thought would be a fitting pet for somebody as adventurous as Wilf.

J And why the name Marvin.

S It goes hand in hand with things that are marvellous. There aren’t many words that start with ‘Marv’

J What is Mr Plumpy’s relationship like with the penguins? Is it similar in any way to your working relationship with any of the other creatives on Wilf Goes Wild?

S The penguins are enslaved by Mr Plumpy. They have to do whatever he asks them to do, and in that sense there is a similarity when you’re the writer of the project, because everybody does have to make the stuff that you’ve written. However, I like to try to be more collaborative and in favour of equality than Mr Plumpy is. So I don’t think that the Wilf Goes Wild experience is necessarily a dictatorship. 

J Why is WIlf a loveable character?

S Ah, Wilf. I love Wilf because he’s determined to be an explorer despite the fact that he hasn’t got a plane ticket or a train ticket and he’s at home most of the time. But he’s got an amazing imagination which I love as well. I love his relationship with his sister Willow, and I love how loyal and dedicated he is to his pet, Marvin. Wilf doesn’t think that there’s anything that can stop him and I think that’s amazing as well.

J Final question: have you ever made a digital musical before? What has been your favourite part of the process?

S I have never made a digital musical before, I wasn’t sure that was a thing that existed until recently. My favourite part of the process…I love hearing the music, every time that’s my favourite bit. I love hearing what the actors have done to voice the characters and I love hearing all go the backing singer penguins and all the detailed stuff that’s in the music as well. 

J One more question - what is your favourite YAOW in the show?

S The YAOW performed by Shannon Rewcroft, the really surprised one.

Josh demonstrates the YAOW.

J At the start of the drum and bass section

S I think it is actually. Its the YAOW that could only happen when you suddenly find yourself in a quiz show hosted by an evil narwhal.

They both chuckle.

J Hi Sarah.

S Hiya.

J Please can you tell me your role in Wilf Goes Wild.

S I am the librettist which means that I’m in charge of the words, I’m also to a certain extent in charge of the story and the characters and what happens in the story. I also work with Josh to write the lyrics too, we write those together. And I draw the characters and have illustrated all of the stills that you see in the video - which means anything that doesn’t move.

J Your show features a Giant African Land Snail. How did you decide his name?S There was a ..when wer were writing Explorers’ Song in March 2020, there was a lyric where Wilf said ‘these are my binoculars, from Lidl in the sale’ and I needed to find something that rhymed with that. And I thought that a really good rhyme would be ‘I can look at things up close, like my