About Wilf and Willow!

Learn about Wilf, WIllow and their friends (and foe!) Click the play buttons to hear their catchphrases!


Wilf is seven years old and he is an explorer! He loves studying maps and following in the footsteps of his heroes - David Attenborough and Bear Grylls. He goes on adventures all the time with his sister Willow and Marvin, his Giant African Land Snail. Wilf is kooky, creative and will travel anywhere, no matter how far the distance (using a bit of imagination to help, of course).

And his favourite word is...YAOW!


Marvin is Wilf’s Giant African Land Snail. His antennae even light up! When they light up red, that usually means there is danger about..


Willow is nine years old and she is an explorer! She is super smart, a little bit sassy, and a strong leader. She loves reading and solving puzzles. Willow is brave in the face of danger and always tries her very best to do the right thing. Willow always remembers her explorers backpack - essential for all adventures!

Mr. Plumpy!

Mr Plumpy is a Narwhal (a type of whale with  a large tusk) and he is sneaky! Mr Plumpy is Wilf’s enemy! He may appear charming and sparkly but secretly he is a ruthless quiz-master baddie who will stop at nothing to steal animal’s away from their natural habitat to be attractions at his Plumpyland zoo. All he wants to do it be famous, and he does not care about the conservation of animal at all! He uses his magical tusk to steal things from the human world...How rude!